How much space is required to set-up the castles?

All our Castle measurements are on our range page, Click here to view


Can I have a castle set-up indoors?

Yes. Any of the castles can be set up indoors provided there is enough space to cater for it.


Is overnight hire available?

Yes. Overnight hire is available for an additional fee.


How many people can be on the castle at once?

The maximum weight limit for the Tropical and Toy story castles is 545kg. We recommend no more than 10-14 children at once.

The obstacle course total weight limit is 363kg. A total of 4-8 at any one time. We recommend running straight through the course to the exit, then running back around to start again!

The large animial fun land slide and jumping area total weight limit is 360kg. 

The ball pit combo weight limit is 360kg. We recommend no more than 8-10 children at once.

The Fun house castle is for toddlers and younger kids. We recommend no more than 8 children at once.


Are food & drinks allowed on the castle?

No food, no drinks, no shoes!


Can the castle be relocated?

Upon arrival we will discuss the desired set-up location and properly anchor the castle there. It cannot then be relocated.


What happens if it's raining on the day of the hire?

We will contact you on the morning of the hire to discuss the situation. The castles will handle light rain and wind, however if the weather becomes extreme, the hire will most likely be cancelled. Payment is not required if cancelled due to poor weather.


Is supervision required?

Yes. Children must be supervised at all times whilst on the castle.


How do I pay?

Most people pay cash on the day. Alternatively, direct deposit is available and needs to be received prior to the hire.